History of the Humourversity

Fun & Profit since 1973

Humourversity offers corporate and individual services in the three disciplines (humour training, comedy training and laughter training), founded on the positive psychology of humour, comedy and laughter that people can apply to anywhere, any culture, anytime. 

The Humourversity was established in 1973, in Australia by Pete Crofts.  It is the largest centre of knowledge for humour, comedy and laughter in the world; incorporating vast humour training, research and experience of the founder.

In evolutionary terms, humour is an age-old philosophy.  A brief summary of this evolution is provided here.

The Creation of Humourversity

In 1973, after performing as a stand-up comedian around Australia for 12 years and in Sydney as the comedy hero, half-a-mo Pete Crofts began studying Australian Humour and Comedy.

He founded the humour, comedy & laughter centre, bookshop and training school - the first bookshop in the world specialising in Humour, Comedy and Laughter.  Here, Pete also organised the Humour, Comedy & Laughter League which in 1975 became the first laughter club in Australia.

In 1980, the humour, comedy & laughter centre became the Pete Crofts Humourversity, focused on training business people, comedians, speakers, trainers, teachers, politicians, celebrities, etc.  The same year, Pete organised Australia’s First Humour Festival at Melbourne University, which was called Humourversity.  This festival started the momentum for what has now become the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

In 2000, the Humourversity continued to provide humour training.  In 2009, the Humourversity was in need to provide greater outreach for its humour training services and began re-formulating its training program to suit the demands of the 21st century.

Evolution of Humour, Comedy & Laughter

History and heritage are geographical, cultural, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, traditional, life-giving foundations. Understanding your past helps you to create your future.  You can build your life’s legacy from the life legacy left to you.

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