Individual Testimonials

Humourversity has been a major influence in my career, and my single influence in understanding the craft of comedy, and all the development of the Elliot Goblet character.
Jack Levi alias Elliot Goblet, Comedian 


Humourversity showed us how to have fun in our business.
Elizabeth Standring, Computer Trainer


Using perception, vision, and commitment, Humourversity demonstrates humanitarian vision for mankind. A world with a sense of humour.
Jon Doust, Journalist


I went from bank teller to national TV shows with Humourversity’s remarkable comedy coaching.
Adrian Kebbe, alias Harry Houdidn’t


Humourversity has forgotten more about comedy, than most comedians know.
Dave Grant


Humourversity is inarguably Australia’s greatest authority on humour. In fact, it may be one of the World’s leading authorities. Such is its passion for the subject.
Paul Davidson


If you want to know anything about comedy, or the business of comedy, Humourversity is the one to see.
Martin Ralph


Humourversity is an Australian Classic; their ideas will help put Australia back on top.
Ray Crawford, Australian Bred


Humourversity gave me the confidence I needed to take up stand up comedy.
Russell Gilbert


Humourversity has the perception to see clearly what is unique and authentic in each person, and displays vision and commitment in their ongoing development.
Paul Mutimer, Sport Psychologist



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