Public Speaking with Humour Course


This is a comprehensive training course, to bring you towards your full potential in public speaking, presentation skills or pitching for business. The program develops your skills in the art of speaking and also in the art of humour delivery. It will develop your confidence in communication, and encourage you to speak, sell, pitch, promote, and market your business product, service or your precious new ideas - on your feet, in front of anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Be trained to research, write, produce, rehearse, direct and present a SHOWCASE which is informative, entertaining and results oriented. Also, learn to use Public speaking with Humour skills as a tool to promote your business or become a professional speaker and achieve your career goals sooner.

Live for a living by pitching, presenting and speaking your meaning always.

The program includes the following topics:

  • developing an original speaking identity
  • humour writing and module construction
  • humour elements, formulas and forms
  • verbal and physical delivery
  • prepared spontaneity (ad libbing)
  • turning stage fright into stage dynamics
  • unlocking your speaking power
  • adding your deepest emotions to your messages
  • learning theatrical techniques
  • developing stand-up comedy skills
  • how to hold the audience in the palm of your hand
  • how to research, rehearse and perform humour
  • how to put together a speaking showcase presentation
  • discovering your speaking message and purpose
  • beginner and advanced audience psychology
  • creating positive audience participation
  • the speaking industry introduction
  • how to develop a topic that’s in demand
  • how to establish yourself as an expert in your field
  • self-promotion for the professional speaker
  • how to become a talent for the media
  • how to develop a product and promote it
  • how to increase your bookings and fees

 How will this benefit you?

Some of the benefits for you to participate in this course are:

  • stand up & speak with confidence
  • be consistent in your delivery and your message
  • understand your sense-of-humour self-actualisation
  • be funny, and fun to listen to
  • have awesome audience control
  • get professional recognition
  • book paid speaking engagements
  • make people laugh when you want them to
  • cash in on the speaking boom
  • get ideas to create new business
  • renew your sense of mission and purpose
  • learn the skills of self sell-ability
  • become a community/business celebrity or industry talent;
  • develop a compelling business story
  • create a strong identity voice
  • align your image with your business brand
  • Live life with clarity, humanity, humour and responsiveness

 What have the past participants said?

“Everyone who asks me about becoming a professional speaker, I tell them the fact that you have to use humour to get paid. I tell them all the credit belongs to Humourversity for teaching me how to create, develop, and use humour effectively, to dramatically enhance my speaking.”
Daniel Johnson, CPS, Managing Director of Daniel Johnson Presentations.

“I couldn’t have done it without Humourversity coaching expertise, mentorship, encouragement, laughs, inspiration and of course, the ‘Public Speaking with Humour’ course!”
Annette Marks, Speaker & Voice Coach. Voice Dynamics

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2015 Course Details

Delivery Mode: Face-to-face, small group.

Duration: 10 x 120-minute sessions


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