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Public Speaking with Humour Course

Location: Melbourne(10 Sessions)

Running: 9th September

Learn how to speak confidently, plan and deliver your message, use jokes and funny stories in your presentation.

Call us: 1300 HA HO HEE


Pitching your Business

Location: Melbourne

Running: 26th August

Pitching and selling skills using humour to manage objections and close sales.

Call us: 1300 HA HO HEE


Humorous Speech Short-Course

Location: Melbourne(5 Sessions)

Running: 25th August

Start to funny-up your speeches, learn how to create original material to get your audiences engaged.

Call us: 1300 HA HO HEE


Stand-Up Comedy Course

Location: Melbourne(10 Sessions)

Starts: 19th August

Hone your funny skills with the right techniques, comedy formulas. Get your audiences coming back for more. Pump up your jokes for maximum punch.

Call us: 1300 HA HO HEE


Skills for Fun & Profit

The Humourversity was founded in 1973 as the world’s leading training centre for the three disciplines of Humour, Comedy and Laughter. We take our humour seriously but not so seriously that we lose our sense of humour about the seriousness of it!

Our training courses are suitable for individual self-improvement, technical professionals, sales staff, small business, and for corporate culture-changers.  We re-enable you to use the skills of humour, comedy and laughter to generate creative, imaginative and innovative presentations and speeches; and to engage with your work teams, sales prospects and seminar audiences for more interesting and truly memorable results. 

Event Calendar

Course Calendar

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Humourversity Studios

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Products & Services

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